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We have just come back from Sri Lanka where we have met several fisheries stakeholders, including industry, scientific body and government agencies. During this time, we have learnt a lot about fisheries in the country which target a wide range of species, including tuna, crabs (blue swimming crab, mud crab), lobsters, freshwater fish, etc. Fisheries and aquaculture products in the country has a huge potential to target international seafood markets but there are some issues that need to be addressed. We are now preparing a report for our client listing the strengths and weaknesses that we have identified and setting recommendations to improve market access of these seafood products.

Fisherman in a river in Colombo (Sri Lanka) (Picture: Jose Peiro Crespo)

We have also discovered that Sri Lanka is a beautiful country where you feel welcome.

Fishermen catching sardine near Galle (South of Sri Lanka)

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