What we do


Naunet has long experience in assessing fisheries resources and the impact of fishing activities on the environment. Services we provide in this area include:

    • Fisheries stock and impact assessments;
    • Analyis and design of management measures and plans;
    • Implementation of mitigation measures to reduce by-catch and increase the efficiency of fisheries;
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Marketing of seafood product

We offer Producer organizations (POs) and coastal communities achievable options to improve fishermen’s and processors’ income by facilitating the creation of collective brands and the certification of marine products. Our range of services include:

    • Market/trade studies for marine products;
    • Sustainable sourcing assessments;
    • Pre-assessment studies for eco- and social certification programmes (MSC, Fair Trade, Friends of the Sea);
    • Environmental, Social and Governance risk assessment of supply chains;
    • Evaluation of alternative income generating activities;
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Our consultants have experience designing aquaculture farms, auditing aquaculture companies to achieve compliance with international quality control schemes and developing rural aquaculture in local communities in developing countries.
Services provided:

    • Fish farm design and optimisation;
    • Feasibility studies and business planning;
    • Expert support in the implementation of new projects;
    • Market/trade assessments for aquaculture products;
    • Auditing and certification activities for aquaculture farms;
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Marine environmental advice

Our team has extensive experience assessing the impact of offshore and coastal infrastructure projects on the marine environment and commercial fisheries, including marine renewable energy projects, sub-sea cables, pipelines, port developments, aggregate dredging and oil and gas installations.

We provide expert advice to stakeholders, investors and developers to ensure that the potential impacts on the marine environment and commercial fisheries are identified at an early stage and that adequate and proportionate solutions are implemented to minimise and mitigate impacts. Services we offer in this sector include:

    • Environmental due diligence and risk assessments;
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) compliance assessments;
    • Independent review of EIAs and Marine Protected Areas (i.e. Natura 2000 sites) assessments;
    • Fisheries interaction studies;
    • Mitigation and monitoring strategies;
    • Stakeholder management/engagement plans and consultation support
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Community-based sustainable development

We work with stakeholders in coastal communities to engage them into managing their own resources. Our services include:

    • Small-scale fisheries and rural aquaculture development;
    • Livelihood studies;
    • Promotion of activities and new businesses;
    • Community capacity building for sustainable management;
    • Design and implementation of environmental education programmes.
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