Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs)

© Juan Vilata

Many fisheries around the world are not yet sustainably managed. It means that these fisheries are missing marketing opportunities and higher prices due to the fact that they can’t sell their products to some major seafood buyers or local retailers who are committed to sustainability in their sourcing.

Fishery improvement projects (FIPs) help fisheries to meet national and international sustainable standards by involving multiple stakeholders—such as fishermen, buyers, researchers, managers and NGOs— to improve fishing practices and management. The involvement of multiple stakeholders with different perspectives and backgrounds ensures that the FIP activities are appropriate for the social and economic context of the fishery.

Our consultants at Naunet are specialized in fisheries certification programs. They are able to work initiating and coordinating fishery improvement projects (FIPs) and providing technical support to the stakeholders involved in the FIP. Some of the works carried out by Naunet fisheries consultants include:

    • Development of work plans designed to address deficiencies in the fishery to achieve a level of sustainability consistent with international standards;
    • Designing of systems for tracking and reporting progress against the indicators indicate in the work plan;
    • Engage stakeholders to join forces in FIPs.

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