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Jose Peiro Crespo (Project manager, fisheries and aquaculture consultant)

Jose is an independent fisheries consultant and founding partner of Naunet Fisheries Consultants. He holds a degree in Biology and marine sciences and postgraduate studies in Biostatistics and sustainable development. His principal areas of expertise are small-scale and commercial fisheries.

Jose has more than 10 years of experience working in a wide range of projects related to marine biodiversity and the sustainable use of living aquatic resources. He started his career working as a marine biologist in some research centres in Spain and Portugal. During these experiences, his work focused mainly on collecting and analysing fishing data and drafting and developing fishery management plans and initiatives to improve living conditions in coastal communities.

As well as having worked as a researcher, Jose completed many trips on commercial fishing vessels in the capacity of scientific observer and he has also experience on finfish and shellfish aquaculture that he gained working in the Amazonian basin and as a quality supervisor in fish farms in Spain. In the UK he worked as a fisheries scientist in a British marine consultancy specialized in assessing the impact of offshore wind farms on fishing resources.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. His expertise covers numerous countries: Spain, Portugal United kingdom, Peru, Canada, Morocco, Mauritania, Indonesia and he is currently working for some NGO’s drafting fishery assessments and acting as a P2 expert in Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) assessments.

Please, download my CV (EC format) in the link below:

Jose Peiro CV 

Juan Vilata (Fisheries Consultant)

Juan Vilata is a marine biologist specialized in small-scale fisheries and the sustainable use of marine resources. He graduated in Zoology at the University of Valencia, Spain, and obtained an MSc in Marine and Fisheries Science at the University of Aberdeen, UK.

Juan has worked as a field technician, assistant researcher, fisheries observer, fisheries consultant and at NGO managerial level. Thus, he’s had the chance to experience fisheries and marine ecology issues from many different points of view. He’s acquainted with the conservation problems affecting vulnerable species (seabirds, elasmobranchs, sea turtles and marine mammals, among others), and has observed the impacts that small scale and industrial fisheries can exert on the marine ecosystem. At the same time, he’s also witnessed the importance that fisheries have for coastal communities, providing livelihoods, employment and food security.

Throughout his career, Juan has learnt about monitoring fishing effort, adoption of best practices, determent of IUU fisheries through low-cost technology, implementation of co-managed MPAs and other forms of protection, and other steps involved in the adoption of the ecosystem-based management. All these are tools whose ultimate goal is to bring a truly sustainable use of the marine resources.

Juan has worked in fisheries in several countries, amongst them Portugal, the Philippines, Chile, Brazil, Peru and Timor Leste.

Alberto Garcia (Associate aquaculture consultant)

Alberto has worked in aquaculture development for most of the 15 years since graduating in Aquaculture at the Galician Institute for Aquaculture Training (IGAFA). His expertise covers a broad range of marine species and he is particularly keen on the management of hatcheries (fish and shellfish).

Alberto has worked on long-term aquaculture projects in the private sector. He has operated and managed fish farms in Portugal, Spain and Peru and has been directly involved in farming scallops, seabass, seabream, etc. His short-term aquaculture consultancy work has covered a range of countries in Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Namibia, etc.), Europe and the Americas (Mexico, Nicaragua).

Alberto has also experience in the public-sector technology transfer. He has carried out numerous feasibility studies for new projects, training and educational programs and sector reviews and has been involved in a technical capacity in the design, construction and operation of fish and shellfish farms. He has also acted as assistant for international conferences and study visits and edited the proceedings from these activities.

Alberto is able to work in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French and he is currently working as a “problem-solving expert” in some North African fish farms.

Raquel Tejerina (Associate consultant)

Raquel graduated in marine biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). She has completed many trips on commercial fishing vessels in the capacity of scientific and fishing observer in areas such as Europe, the West Coast of Africa, NAFO, etc. Raquel is specialized in tuna fisheries as she has experience working with a wide range of fishing methods (purse-seine, pole & line, tuna traps, etc) targeting these species. She is interested in fisheries and marine resources management and environmental education.

Raquel is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese and she has a keen interest in the Portuguese fisheries where she has worked in several areas and fleets (small pelagics in Madeira, pole & line fleet in Azores, small-scale vessels in the North of Portugal, tuna traps in the Algarve, etc). She has joined our consultancy as collaborator specialized in African countries, tuna fisheries and seabirds.

Javier Vivo (Associate Consultant)

Javi holds a degree in Biology and a MSc in Environmental management. Javi has completed many trips on commercial fishing vessels in the capacity of scientific and fishing observer. He has worked aboard a broad range of vessels including trawlers, long-liners and other small-scale vessels covering fishing areas such as the Mediterranean Sea, Hatton Bank, Svalbard, Northwest and Southeast Atlantic, South Africa and the Indian Ocean. Javier has also previous experience in aquariums and in research centres where he collaborated as a research assistant in marine projects.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan, Javier has recently joined our consultancy as an associate consultant specialized in Mediterranean Sea fisheries.


Naunet works in a wide range of projects at any one time. Therefore, we maintain a register of external consultants specialized in fisheries, aquaculture and marine ecology which help us to implement projects within Naunet’s portfolio. If you can not find the experience that you are looking for within our principal team, please ask us and we will find the right expert to carry out the project you are interested in.