Cephalopod fisheries

Our consultants at Naunet are specialized in cephalopod and tuna fisheries. We are currently assessing two cephalopod fisheries for a client: the Patagonian squid (Dorytheutis gahi) fishery in the Falklands Islands, and the Japanese flying squid (Todarodes pacificus) in the Northwest Pacific. The Patagonian squid supports an important fishery on the Patagonian shelf. Recruitment of this species is highly variable and strongly influenced by biological and oceanographic conditions.  In the Falklands, after one year of poor catches, due to the predation of this species by Illex argentinus (squid), around 67,000 tonnes were landed in 2017. The species is caught by 16 licensed trawlers working in the so-called Loligo box. The Japanese flying squid, lives in coastal areas an dopen oceans of Japan, China, Russia and North America and once supported one of the most important fisheries in the world (now overtaken by Dosidicus gigas). The species is caught by Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian jiggers and netters.


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