Squid fisheries in Southeast Asia

We have been hired but a well-known NGO to undertake a assessment of squid fisheries in Southeast Asia. We are just deciding which combinations of species/gears/countries are going to be included in this report. It is not an easy task as at least nine species of squids are recorded around Thailand, including Mitre squid, Indian squid, Swordtip squid, among others. However, no detailed statistics of individual species exist and all cephalopods caught are mixed and roughly categorized as (loliginid) squid, cuttlefish or octopus.

Tuna fisheries in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters

In the last few weeks, we have been quite busy working in some assessments of tuna fisheries in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. We have visited the Canary Islands and the South of Spain. Bluefin tuna has been caught in that area for more than 3,000 years and it seems that after several years in which the stock was considered overexploited and some draconian measures implemented, it is recovering thanks to the combined efforts of administration, scientists and fishermen.